Thursday, March 5, 2015

This is what it is.

Sigh. This is what it is.  Catching up every few weeks.  I'm glad that I still have some fans left. :)  
Gav's first sled ride.  He LOVED it! 
And for those of you who haven't been here, that's our driveway.  Half of it.  I have never been more thankful for salt that melts ice and snow than I have living here! 
No yard by your house?  Just use the driveway! 
The snow has been so pretty.  I am also super thankful for that big pile of wood that is now gone!  We have heated our house well this year.  Shane and his dad did a great job setting us up with wood. 
Gracie skis!  Shane took her twice this winter and she loved it.  She caught on so quickly.  I thought for sure she'd hate it but she didn't.  :)
My big girl. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

One year later

We have lived in our "little house in the woods" for one year.  It's been a good year.

  • Gav has grown and grown and grown.  He's so much fun now.  He's also into EVERYTHING.  Like everything.  We have baby fences everywhere.  And he still figures out how to get to stuff.
  • My kids are becoming country kids.  They love to go outside and are not afraid to walk down our big hill or spend an afternoon exploring.
  • We are making friends.   It's been a slow process but it's been good.  
  • We are finding our groove in school.  It's not been an easy road but it's been a good one.  I wouldn't change it.  When I see my kids exploring, playing, and being creative (and doing it together!) I know we are making the right choice.  It is hard, and I sometimes feel like I have no time away, and my house is constantly, constantly messy.  It may not always be what we decide, but for now it's right. 
  • Grace is such a great leader.  She loves books.  We are currently reading through the Chronicles of Narnia together.  She can spend all day creating and coloring.
  • Graham is a natural encourager.   He loves doing ABC mouse on the computer and has learned so much just by listening to Grace and I.  He has become so independent in the last few months.
  • Shane just built the kids a triple (triple!!) bunk bed.  He officially earned the title of coolest dad ever.  On Sunday afternoon we never saw the big kids.  They played in their room all afternoon.
  • I am getting ready to start a Beth Moore Bible study.  Looking forward to being back in the Word again in a way that her studies do for me.  I like that.  Moving here was a great choice for me but it was a bit hard.  I thought we were going to be bringing Ella here almost three years ago so this place had some sad memories.  It's grown on me and I love our cozy life here and I love how my family has grown together this past year.  God is so good. 

for your viewing pleasure.


Saturday, January 31, 2015

Life- January.

getting little brother ready to switch car seats. 
silly boy
even sillier boy
One, two....
Oops! (no one was hurt!)
Gav loves to go outside!  All you have to say is "let's go" and he runs for the door or to you if you have his coat. 
She was sitting on the couch talking to me and all I could think about was- she's growing so fast!  I can see glimpses of the big girl she will be.  

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Baker's Visit

When I lived in Haiti I worked at QCS with my friend Deborah.  We watched as she and Kyrk started dating and then got married.  (it was so fun!) The lived at the Baptist Haiti Mission.  We had many fun weekends at Deborah's house scrapbooking and being cold in Haiti.  We were there when her oldest Naomi was born.  Well, not "there" but in Haiti.  Ha! :)  When Shane and I went to Haiti on our honeymoon we stayed with Kyrk and Deborah for a few days.  It's been so fun to watch her family grow.
The Baker family comes back to the States and Canada every year and a half or so and when they do they try to stop by on their travels.  I'm so thankful that they include us in their busy schedules.  It's always such a fun visit.  They have five kids so that makes for a busy crazy house with our three and then four adults! But it's great.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New Years

When we returned from Michigan Grace had the surprise of her life.  My friend gave her all this American Girl doll gear for her dolls.  She LOVES it!
And our friends the Gernands visited!  Libby and Gav have a love hate relationship.  Gav loves to bug her and Libby loves to get away from him.  Ha!  
I hope they grow up to be good friends.
And we celebrated New Years with our friends!

Friday, January 23, 2015


This was a fun Christmas.  To be honest, the last few Christmas have been a blur.  Not having Ella here for this special time always hurts a little but the first year without her was so hard.  Last year we had JUST had Gav and so that was a blur, but this year I really enjoyed it.
Look at those sweet faces who woke up at our house ready to celebrate!
The aftermath.  Shane lets them make a crazy mess and then we pick up.  The kids love it.
No, Julie is not really hurt.  She got some new "gear" for Christmas.  ha!

Then we went to Michigan.  This is my sister's cat.  My kids LOVE her cats.  Lucky sometimes humors them and lets them get close.  But to be honest, it's probably because he's too lazy to move.  ha!
My sister saved lots of her kids toys and when mine get to her house that's the first thing they go for.
All the grandkids.  It's a little dark but a nice pic! 

bowling fun.  They loved it!
Saying goodbye to grandpa on our way out of town.  It was a quick trip but always fun!